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Educate, Empower & Support Young Adults with Epilepsy 



Improve epilepsy & mental health outcomes among young adults

Remove the stigma associated with epilepsy & build a safe YAWE community

"We are suffering more from stigma than we are from seizures."

Miles Levin YAWE Filmaker






At Young Adults with Epilepsy (YAWE), our mission is to foster resilience and independence in young adults with epilepsy from the Central Coast. Through education, empowerment, and sustained support, we aim to transform lives by facilitating access to resources, promoting awareness, and creating a nurturing community that embraces diversity and inclusivity.


 Our vision at Young Adults with Epilepsy (YAWE) is to revolutionize epilepsy and mental health care for young adults, promoting optimal health outcomes and quality of life. We aspire to dismantle the stigma surrounding epilepsy, fostering a secure and open YAWE community where acceptance thrives and individuals feel safe to share their experiences and learn from others.


  1. Educational Excellence: To provide comprehensive, up-to-date educational resources that demystify epilepsy and inform young adults, their families, and the broader community about the condition, its management, and its impact on daily living.

  2. Empowerment: To empower young adults with epilepsy to lead fulfilling and independent lives through self-advocacy training, skill-building activities, and opportunities for personal growth and development.

  3. Sustained Support: To offer continuous support that addresses the physical, emotional, and social needs of young adults with epilepsy, helping them navigate life transitions and overcome challenges.

  4. Community Building: To cultivate a compassionate and understanding community that actively supports young adults with epilepsy, promoting social inclusivity and reducing stigma associated with the condition.

  5. Resource Access: To facilitate easy access to a wide range of resources, including healthcare services, educational materials, and vocational opportunities, thereby enhancing the quality of life for young adults with epilepsy.

  6. Awareness and Advocacy: To champion the rights of young adults with epilepsy and promote public awareness and understanding of the condition through community outreach, partnerships, and advocacy campaigns.


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