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Boundaries - How to Set

How to Set

Boundaries are for your health and well-being! They are to give you the space and strength you need to stay well. They are not selfish, so get some practice and dive right in! Start today and set one!


  • Know what you need and what you are going to say when you go into the conversation.  For example, “I am only going to be able to stay for an hour at the gathering.” or “I am not comfortable with my picture being posted on Instagram.  In the future, please no longer do that.  Thank you.”

  • Be Precise - Short and Sweet!

  • Be Direct - Don’t beat around the bush!

  • Be Assertive - No need to be aggressive or passive.  Look them in the eye and kindly deliver your message.

  • Remember when going into the conversation, that not all people are going to like you doing this.  Most will be fine with it though.  Stay the course, even with push back!  You’ve got this!

Boundaries - How to Set
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