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WELCOME Young Adults with Epilepsy (YAWE) is a

501 (c) 3 non profit organization, founded in 2023 by a committed group of compassionate, vision-driven people determined to provide support for Young Adults with Epilepsy-an underserved, at risk audience. 

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Peer Support Group

Join our one-hour virtual weekly hang-outs to laugh, cry, listen, or just simply connect with people who "get it".

Monthly Workshop


Confronting Stigma

How to address it and overcome it in both personal and professional circumstances, dealing with discrimination, feelings of fear and shame, and debunking epilepsy myths.

Carpe Seizen'

A podcast about living with Epilepsy as a Young Adult, Jordan brings in a variety of guests from the epilepsy community. A casual place to listen, learn and connect.

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