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Some of our favorite books, podcasts, and groups

Facebook Groups (Private)

Epilepsy with a pinch of salt group for twisted epilepsy

Epilepsy with a Pinch of Salt

This is a group for people with epilepsy to generally take the piss out of Epilepsy. Over 16s only as swearing will be involved.

Now what epilepsy support group

"Now What?" Epilepsy Support

The Now What Facebook Group ran by The Cameron Boyce Foundation serves as a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about what happens when you or a loved on is diagnosed with epilepsy. This is a community intended to share information to make living with epilepsy easier for you and your loved ones.

epilepsy support and discussion facebook group

Epilepsy Support & Discussion 

Within the group we share a lot. We share struggles, fears, frustration, and celebrations!


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