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Carpe Seizen'

A podcast about living with Epilepsy as a Young Adult, Jordan brings in a variety of guests from the epilepsy community. A casual place to listen, learn and connect.

Episode 3 with Austin Cole

Join us as we speak to our brand ambassador Austin!

In this episode we cover topics surrounding men and epilepsy, including mental health, social dynamics, and the stigma attached.

Episode 2 with Abby Weil

Join us as we speak to our peer support counsellor Abby!

We'll discuss the unique challenges that college and sports can pose to someone living with epilepsy, as well as discuss a surprise celebrity encounter!

Episode 1 with Wendy Steel

On this MothersDay, we are sharing our inaugural podcast: "Carpe Seizen', hosted by Jordan Werner.


Jordan chats with Wendy Steel, Executive Director and Founder of Young Adults with Epilepsy (YAWE) and shares what inspired her to start YAWE, the impact it already has had on young adults, and her vision for the future. 

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