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Acceptance & Self Love

Regaining Trust in Yourself

  • Take time to explore your values.  Write them down.  Often after being rocked by epilepsy, it is hard to remember who we even are at our core.  Our values are like a compass.  They point us back to ourselves.

  • Set boundaries for yourself.  This reminds you where you start and stop in the world.  It reminds you of your value and that you matter.

  • When making choices, ask yourself, “Is this really what I want?”  Proceed from there.  Trusting yourself will involve you choosing what is right for you.

  • Make time for self-care.  Only by taking good care of yourself, will you give yourself the message that you matter.

  • Practice kindness to yourself. Start to notice when you judge or say unkind things to yourself. Bring those thoughts into your awareness and give yourself the kindness you deserve. Even if you notice yourself not believing you deserve kindness, do it anyway. Your brain will catch up eventually.

Acceptance & Self Love
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